Aximmetry Online Documentation

Application Basics

    Installation, Content Packages  you tube 100

    Overview Of Applications  you tube 100

    Editor Panels - 01 - The Docking System  you tube 100

    Editor Panels - 02 - Overview Of The Panels  you tube 100

For Studio Operators

    Setting Up Virtual Sets with VR Cameras  you tube 100

    Setting Up Virtual Sets with Tracked Cameras

    Basic Lens Calibration (without lens distortion)

    Setting Up a Multi-Machine Configuration

    Using the Advanced B Keyer

    All-In-One Studio, Recording, Audio  you tube 100

    Camera Mover Mouse Control

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Command Line Switches

    Studio Diagram: Virtual, 3 camera, 1 PC  

    Studio Diagram: Tracked, 3 camera, 1 PC

    Studio Diagram: Tacked, 3 camera, 3 PC

    Studio Diagram: Tracked, 3 camera, 3 PC, external keyer

For Aximmetry DE Users

    Getting started with the Unreal Engine based DE edition you tube 100

    How to install and work with the Unreal Engine based DE edition

For VJs / Visual Artists

    (soon...)  Performer: Getting Started

    (soon...)  Performer: External Controllers

    (soon...)  Performer: Parameter Animation, Pulse

    (soon...)  Performer: Creating Compound Patches

    (soon...)  Performer: Panorama, Mapping, Masking

    (soon...)  Performer: Recording

    (soon...)  Performer: Watchdog


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