Graphics Toolkit

Graphics Toolkit

  • Material prototyping; full PBR pipeline
  • 3D scene prototyping: built-in primitives, FBX and Collada import
  • Complex multi-material creation helper
  • Chroma keying
  • Video playback
  • Video conversion: format, resolution, color space etc.; from/to image sequences
  • Compositing videos and adding effects to them
  • Image/texture manipulation: format conversion, resize, tiling, color adjustment, color space conversion, layering
  • Simple texture generation: 2D drawing elements, texts, 2D effects, noise
  • Cube map handling: loading and saving to cross, strip or 6 face DDS formats;
    generating from 3D scene
  • Irradiance and specular environment map generation for PBR
  • Controlling GPIO, MIDI, DMX/ArtNet devices

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To ease content creation in Aximmetry our Developers had to build a graphics toolkit, at first only for internal projects. With time the team realised that the toolkit works really efficiently therefore we decided to share it with the community.

In Aximmetry tradition, all major features are included in all Aximmetry software editions, no need to buy separate modules for anything. It is enough to purchase Aximmetry Studio edition to acquire all Graphics Toolkit features.

The only graphics toolkit on the market including a fully functional virtual studio software on the side.

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