Virtual Studios

  • Advanced 3D graphics: HDR, Depth of Field, shadows, reflections, refraction
  • Highly flexible node-based graphics programming interface
  • High level of interactivity and real-time controllability
  • Construction of interactive scenes / effects using a node-based logic
  • Scalable: multiple video cards or hardware can be operated under one system, each assigned a different task
  • Support audience interaction via second screen devices
  • Receiving depth information for realistic mixing of real and virtual elements
  • All-in-one solution: No need to buy separate modules and extensions for chroma keyer, 2D graphics, 3D virtual studio, video wall display, projection - the software includes all of them
  • Open system to integrate any studio tracking device
  • Accessible price point, great value proposition
  • 4K - SDI input / output

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Aximmetry achieves seamless integration of real and virtual environments with the interaction of virtual lights and real world objects.

The advanced keyer enables the keying of realistic contact shadows and the software can cast virtual shadows on the talent and can combine these seamlessly with the life-like shadows generated by the talent itself.

Finally, Aximmetry's light wrap effect blurs the boundaries between the physical and virtual space.


Aximmetry’s built-in, advanced keyer provides superior results for keying transparent objects, contact shadows and fine details such as hair.

It can handle broadcast quality real-time in 4K with GPU accelerated rendering at a fraction usage of GPU.

With Aximmetry you can achieve highly customizable cinematic composites in real-time (for example: realistic light wrapping).


Aximmetry allows you to increase your keying quality by using a Clean Plate which enables measuring and compensating the unevenness of the green screen.

The software handles typical edge errors extremely well.
Provides automatic color correction including spill suppression.


  • supports SD, HD, 4K
  • AR compatible
  • handles different green and blue screens
  • can receive RGB and YUV camera sources


Aximmetry’s highly flexible interactive graphics programming interface enables users to create broadcast quality content even with just one fixed camera and a gamers PC by construction of interactive scenes and effects utilising virtual lights, virtual camera movements and Augmented Reality.

Content created in Aximmetry can be live-streamed directly to YouTube or Facebook.

It also offers solutions for handling real-time audience participation via second screen devices.

Using the content and scene editor, Composer, it is easy to build 3D virtual scenes and connections in Aximmetry virtual studio software, which enable high level of interactivity during the live show. 3D models can be imported into Aximmetry from all well-known modelling software through COLLADA or FBX format.

From May 2020 onwards, those who create graphics content in Unreal Editor, have the opportunity to open and run Unreal Engine projects with Aximmetry DE.
These editions are for experienced Unreal Engine users. The UE4 rendering engine is embedded into Aximmetry’s own user interface.

Aximmetry is an all-in-one solution including its own Chroma Keyer. No need to buy separate modules and extensions for 2D graphics, 3D virtual studio, real-time LED wall control, video wall display, virtual product placement, projection or mixed reality projects – the software includes all of them.

For more complex productions there is the Broadcast Edition of the software, which can integrate any camera tracking device, capable of receiving depth information and offers unlimited SDI ports and 4K-SDI.


Twenty Studios AB is a Stockholm based Production House specialising in producing high-end, broadcast quality content for corporate clients and TV channels in Sweden.

Aximmetry has been providing a 4 fixed camera solution with a multi-machine configuration for Twenty Studios AB since 2018. Currently Aximmetry Broadcast DE editions are deployed for an entirely virtual production.

Russia's first UHD capable virtual studio and AR installation by system integrators OKNO TV North West at multichannel TV company "Stream"  is using Aximmetry Broadcast virtual studio software with stYpe RedSpy tracking. 

Aximmetry has been providing a 3 tracked camera system with multi-machine configuration since 2019. Tracking is implemented with 3 RedSpy systems by stYpe.

HÍR TV is a cable TV channel with national coverage reaching 2.9 million households in Hungary. Aximmetry client since 2016.


M4 Sport is a Public Service TV channel with national coverage and the highest ratings of any Hungarian TV channel.

Aximmetry has been providing a custom-made touch-screen solution for M4 Sport which allows the Presenters to show various video feeds live during discussions easily, with a drag and drop method. The Presenters can draw on the video images on screen to demonstrate their commentary.  M4 Sport is a satisfied Client of Aximmetry since 2016.

M4 Sport

Paks TV is a Hungarian regional TV channel.

Aximmetry has been providing virtual studio solutions for 4 cameras in Paks since the beginning of 2017. All camera movements are virtual created in Aximmetry. Aximmetry is being used to present 5 of their regular programmes.


Líceum TV, Eger services the University and the town of Eger. It has regular, 8 hour/day programme partly made by the University students.

A 30-station editing suit is used by Líceum TV for educational purposes - for film and TV programme creation and for the benefit of the public in Eger. Approximately, 200 University students per year gets to use the Aximmetry Studio software in Eger.

Aximmetry has been providing  virtual studio solutions with 3 cameras. All camera movements are virtual and created in Aximmetry. Líceum TV has the longest Client relationship with Aximmetry which started in 2015. 

Líceum TV, Eszterházy Károly University, Eger

Tematic Media Group is a HD content Production House producing more than 1000 hours content per year in music, sport, angling and hunting genres.

Aximmetry is part of the new TV studio production system created for TMG in 2017. Aximmetry is receiving information from 3 tracked cameras: 1 free moving camera, 1 PTZ camera moving on a slider and 1 fixed PTZ camera. 5 different virtual studio sets are being used which were migrated from Avid to Aximmetry. 

Camera tracking systems provided by zTrack and Akatona Technologies.

Scenes from a demo program proposal presented to the International Teqball Association.

In the opening scenes of the demo all camera movements are virtual and were programmed in Aximmetry. The entire virtual set was also created in Aximmetry.

During the Teqball match a tracking system was used to record the movement of the camera. Later in the match analysing scene Aximmetry was utilizing the recorded information to synchronize the virtual camera with the real camera movements. This way the players could be shown with a 3D effect on the table next to the presenters. 

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