Aximmetry Eye, your free mobile companion for experimenting with Virtual Productions

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual production, Aximmetry continues to push the boundaries of what's possible. Aximmetry Eye, the new mobile app from the creators of Aximmetry is a groundbreaking tool that transcends conventional norms by seamlessly integrating the power of your mobile phone into the very core of virtual content creation. With Aximmetry Eye, we don't just present a tool; Aximmetry is the only brand offering a completely free ecosystem for experimenting with real-time virtual production today.
Real time virtual production

Aximmetry Eye streams your mobile's camera feed into Aximmetry Virtual Production Platform.

Aximmetry Eye provides position and direction data for talent, object, or camera tracking.

Track talent
Preview real time

Aximmetry Eye converts your mobile into a real-time preview monitor that shows your final composite on the fly during production.

Empowering Creators On the Go

At the intersection of innovation and convenience lies the transformative power of Aximmetry Eye. Embrace the future of content creation by harnessing the capabilities of your mobile phone. Having Aximmetry Eye on your smartphone extends your Aximmetry PC into a dynamic content creation hub, eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment. You can simply use your mobile as a camera and camera tracking device at the same time. Now, creating green screen, AR, and XR projects is possible simply by using your mobile app together with Aximmetry Virtual Production Platform. Unleash your creativity on the go, capturing videos for virtual production with the device that's already in your pocket.

Camera, Object, and Talent Tracking Redefined

  • Camera tracking forms the bedrock of immersive virtual production, whether you're choreographing an action-packed scene or giving a detailed documentary of a live event, Aximmetry Eye ensures that your camera tracking is as dynamic as your vision demands.
  • By attaching Aximmetry Eye to a physical object, Object tracking enables the determination of the object's position, facilitating the interaction between the physical object and the virtual world.
  • Talent tracking, mostly deployed in interactive scenarios, facilitates smooth interaction between live presenters and augmented reality (AR) components.
  • Aximmetry Eye excels at executing all three tasks effortlessly, eliminating the necessity for expensive hardware and relying solely on your mobile phone for seamless performance. We are redefining the way creators bring their visions to life.

Real-Time Pre-visualization at Your Fingertips

Visualizing your virtual production in real-time has never been this accessible. Aximmetry Eye transforms your mobile screen into a live portal to the virtual realm. Witness your scenes unfold as you shoot, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments that align seamlessly with your creative vision.

Seamless integration, possibilities for professional studios

Aximmetry Eye isn't just a standalone product; it's a catalyst for seamless integration into your existing virtual production workflow. Its compatibility with the Aximmetry Virtual Production Platform ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to easily incorporate Aximmetry Eye into your creative toolkit. The new mobile app offers versatile utility in a professional studio for quick prototyping and to shot planning. Additionally, it can enhance workflow as an object tracking tool, particularly when the studio's professional tracking solution lacks this feature. It's the missing piece that completes the puzzle, unlocking a world of possibilities for your virtual productions.

Indie movie making

The free Aximmetry Eye app, coupled with the affordable yet top-tier Aximmetry ecosystem, stands in a league of its own within the realm of indie film productions. For the first time in virtual production history, creators can access award-winning keying, camera, and object tracking capabilities, along with superior quality live compositing that includes features like light wrap, customizable reflections and shadows of the talent, and seamless visual interactions between virtual and real elements. Moreover, user-friendly tools for real-time pre- and post-processing of the rendered image complete the entire studio workflow, all for as little as US$18 a month.

The Power of Simplicity

In the realm of innovation, simplicity is key. Aximmetry Eye is crafted with the user in mind, ensuring that even those new to virtual production can harness its power effortlessly. The user-friendly interface, coupled with intuitive controls, empowers creators to focus on their craft, unleashing their creativity without being bogged down by the intricacies of technology.
Aximmetry Eye power of implicity
* Install the Testflight app on your iPhone before downloading the Aximmetry Eye app.
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