Aximmetry for XR productions

It easily interfaces a multitude of hardware used in a broadcast environment: various video input and output possibilities, camera tracking systems, and controlling devices.

Full set of
LED specific features included in
Aximmetry Broadcast
licenses at a

Aximmetry enables fast changes between scenes and lighting designs, and also fine tuning the background intensity when dark shadows are rendered on the LED.

As a result of years of broadcast and film specific software development, there are a wealth of other features included in Aximmetry licenses to make virtual production uncomplicated:

  • The self-explanatory Aximmetry Calibrator makes lens and camera calibration easy even when working with game trackers (or PTZ cameras)
  • Flexible visual scripting tools to keep full control of the production
  • User-friendly tools for realtime pre- and post-processing of the rendered image
  • Native 3D engine for simple creation of additional 3D graphics on top of UE content, or using it on its own
  • Possibility of adding complex 2D graphics and text
  • The full Unreal Engine feature set is available in the Aximmetry DE editions and our team is always amongst the first to follow up on new
Aximmetry Virtual Production
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