Video Installations

  • Real-time 2D/3D rendering, post-processing, effects, chroma keying
  • Advanced 3D graphics: HDR, Depth of Field, shadows, reflections, refraction
  • Highly flexible node-based graphics programming interface
  • Construction of interactive scenes / effects using a node-based logic
  • Multiple simultaneous video outputs to monitors, projectors, LED-walls etc.
  • Mapping: projection onto complex surfaces
  • Creating panoramic views using multiple projectors
  • Customizable control interfaces, touch screen control surfaces
  • Controlling any event or effect parameter via touch screen, GPIO, MIDI, DMX / ArtNet
  • Automatic running modes for exhibitions / video installations
  • All-in-one solution: No need to buy separate modules and extensions for 2D/3D graphics, video wall display, projection - the software includes all of them
  • Accessible price point, great value proposition

It is expected of today’s Exhibitors to actively engage Visitors.

Interactivity provided by Aximmetry automated systems can create a layered visitor experience to achieve a deeper understanding of an exhibit by engaging the senses and using modes of presentation Visitors are familiar with from other devices (e.g. touch screens).

In installations created with Aximmetry, both User and Machine each take a role. The resulting interactive media allows for intuitive use and promotes dialogic communication.

Organizations can use interactive media for surpassing basic marketing and forming positive relationships with their customers. In other words brand-building.


T-Systems Hungary is the largest Hungarian service provider that covers the entire range of ICT technologies. The company has a clientele comprising large corporations and public sector institutions.

T-systems Hungary has been using our Aximmetry product to create an automated installation for exhibitions about their solutions. Aximmetry is used to present interactive, custom made, 3D graphics which can be manipulated by the exhibition visitors with the help of a touch screen.  The exhibition installation has been in constant use by T-systems since 2016 with great success.

T-Systems Hungary

On the 20th January 2012, the Association of Hungarian Architects organized a special, celebratory session.

They used the interactive device of Aximmetry for the 110th Anniversary of the death of the famous Hungarian architect Imre Steindl, the architect of the Hungarian Parliament.

Poignant speeches, presentations and Aximmetry's unique visual compilations tributed the life-time achievements of Imre Steindl and Imre Makovecz and the 110th Anniversary of the establishment of the Association of Hungarian Architects.

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