DE Editions

Want to use content created with Unreal Editor for real-time broadcast?
Aximmetry DE was created for you.

Your production process is very simple:

  1. Open and run your UE4 scene* in Aximmetry. It should work right away.
  2. During production, Aximmetry can send all information, be it text, images or events to your Unreal scene.
  3. Now you can take advantage of Aximmetry’s feature set developed specifically for broadcast:  advanced keyer, channel branding tools, crawl, mixing and many more.

*The UE4 scene must be cooked with the Unreal Editor that you downloaded when obtaining your Aximmetry DE edition.

Available Aximmetry DE editions: Broadcast, Professional, Studio, Community.

Upgrade offers for a limited period

Current Aximmetry users wanting to try the new Aximmetry Community DE Edition please contact

New users, please register.

Check the Documentation under the title: For Aximetry DE users.

If you want to create graphics content in Unreal Editor, the recommended computer configuration is a strong video card, 64GB memory, 1TB SSD disk, and a 16-core processor. You can also use this very same computer for running your shows as a production environment. Alternatively, you can have a dedicated additional computer (or more) for production that can be less powerful similarly to what you need for Aximmetry SE, except it needs a stronger graphics card.  Read details here.

Highlights from the work of Aximmetry DE users

Highlights from the tech tests of Aximmetry DE users (month 1.)

Thank you Richard Franzén from,
Leon Malatesta from,
and Jamie Pence from !

This video was created using the Aximmetry DE software. Green screen keying of the actors and their shadows was performed by Aximmetry's built-in software keyer. The image was rendered by Unreal Engine integrated into Aximmetry. Camera tracking was implemented by using HTC Vive Tracker together with Aximmetry's experimental toolset. Creator: Richard Frantzén, Creative Tech Lead at 
Virtual Star Studios

The powerful combination of Aximmetry and UE4.

Selection from week 1.

Thank you Johan Folke from,
Leon Malatesta from,
and Jamie Pence from

Highligts from a creative virtual weather demo created by


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