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About Us

Developing of Aximmetry software started in 2009. Our initial goal was to create a universal “light-synthesizer”, a flexible tool for interactive generation of video content on concerts and theatrical events. In other words we wanted an advanced VJ software.

As a first step we developed a modular, node-based graphics programming tool that controlled our underlaying rendering engine capable of both 2D image synthesis and displaying 3D virtual spaces. On the top of it we created an on-stage controlling interface with which the pre-made visual elements could be executed and modulated at will.
Soon it became apparent that we had produced a highly versatile tool that could be used in various other areas, too. We started to expand our capabilities towards the broadcast world, and a new generation virtual studio and broadcast graphics system was born. Also we opened new developing paths for supporting touch screen based presentations and video installations.

Our team of developers has many years of experience in the fields of graphic arts, real-time image processing and 3D visualization.
Zsolt Péter
Zsolt PéterChief Executive Officer
Orsolya Dormon
Orsolya DormonChief Operations Officer
Zoltán Motyán
Zoltán MotyánChief Technology Officer

Aximmetry in the Media

Digital Media World reporting on the newly launched Aximmetry DE editions

Virtual sets get real - interview with Aximmetry in Feed magazine

Interview with Aximmetry at IBC2019 by the Dutch AV& Entertainment Magazine
(Aximmetry interview starts at 2:13)

IBC2019 Aximmetry exhibiting in the Future Zone.

New release: Aximmetry advanced software based Chroma Keyer

Aximmetry offers virtual studio software for free

It’s Worth a Visit to Aximmetry at IBC2018
September 26th 2018 - 03:00 PM

Magyar virtuális stúdió szoftver fejlesztő cég első ízben állított ki Amsterdamban

The Broadcast Bridge featuring Aximmetry

Life at Aximmetry

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