Aximmetry wishes to remain accessible even when our low prices are too high...

Educational purposes

Please introduce your institution. The licenses are free for educational purposes and carry a watermark. If you would prefer a license without a watermark, then we ask you to purchase it. We offer special packages designed specifically for educational institutions. Please inquire at

Charitable purposes

Please introduce the charitable organization/activities and how you plan to utilize Aximmetry. Please make sure to include the purchase you would make and how much grant you request from us.

Startups or companies with financial difficulties

We offer a four-part quarterly installment payment option, where you can rent the license initially, and upon completing the last installment, you will receive a lifetime license. The rent-to-own license can be ordered through the webshop.

R&D or other innovative events, solutions

Please introduce your company and how you plan to utilize Aximmetry with a short technical description. Please make sure to include the purchase you would make and the terms you require to put together the project.

Terms and conditions will be determined based on the application you send to us. Aximmetry doesn’t guarantee funding, but we will try our best. Your application and any form of communication is confidential and the content of them is governed by our Privacy Policy and Forum user guidelines.

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