Environmental Policy


Aximmetry Technologies Ltd. (Company address: 26. Gömb utca, 1139 Budapest, Hungary, Incorporation no: 01-09-171556, Tax registration no: HU24314486, further referred to as “Aximmetry”) is an all-in-one virtual studio and 3D graphics software developer, providing tools for users to create high-end, real-time 3D virtual studio environments on a budget.

We recognize that a healthy environment is fundamental to one’s well-being on an individual, as well as on a company level; we also recognize that each action can result in adverse effects, thus we set out to nurture a more mindful approach that is more sustainable in the long run.


In production as well as day-to-day activities, Aximmetry strictly abides by national laws and regulations, as well as industry and local environmental protection policies and regulations. Aximmetry continues to design and implement a step-by-step plan towards sustainability, starting with ourselves as the foundation.

Creating a comfortable, healthy and clean working environment is the basic philosophy of Aximmetry. It is the responsibility and obligation of every employee to protect the environment. Aximmetry continues to establish environmental awareness of all staff in the following main areas:

1. To promote the importance and value of a quality environment, and to support staff in their enjoyment of it

2. Reduction and mindful consumption of resources like water, electricity, gas and other energy resources, in order to decrease negative impact on climate change

3. To carry out our work in an efficient way that minimizes or eliminates its adverse impact on our environment, resulting in a greener environment


1.Climate Change

Aximmetry implemented, as well as encourage all of its staff members to participate in the following:

  • Turning off electrical devices and lights when not in use automatically when office is closed
  • Closing external windows and doors when heating or air conditioning is turned on
  • Switching to LED light bulbs to save more energy
  • Invest in electric car charging stations
2.Sustainable Travel

Aximmetry continues to:

  • Promote and support modern working practices such as full-time or part-time remote working
  • Support the use of cycling, walking and public transport
  • Provide charging stations to electric vehicles on company premises
3. Waste and Recycling

Aximmetry is committed to promoting responsible disposal of waste by:

  • Ensuring waste is sorted, stored and disposed of appropriately
  • Recycle all recyclable waste generated on company premises
  • Minimize the amount of printing and minimize the amount of waste paper
  • Reduce overall waste and strive to adopt environmentally friendly products

In order to uphold the above-mentioned, Aximmetry pledges to:

1. Monitor and review environmental policies at all times to ensure their effective implementation

2. Focus on monitoring key targets to promote the effective implementation of the system

3. Continuously improve environmental awareness and environmental protection skills of all staff

4. Continue to provide and improve on its virtual production platform, with the ultimate goal of reducing on-location shoots and its carbon footprint


This policy and its application will be subject to continuous review to ensure that it is in line with up-to-date regulations and policies.

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