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Control lighting equipment via DMX ArtNet


In your compound, you can use the DMX * Out modules to send control to a selected device. If you open the dropdown list of their Device property the available ArtNet nodes on your network will be populated automatically.

clevd4.png clevd5.png

Here you also have to choose a specific Channel within a Net/Subnet/Universe.


You have to send scalar values between 0 and 1 into the Value property.


By default, these are converted into an 8-bit value (0 - 255) and sent to the specified DMX channel. But some devices expect 16-bit values (0 - 65535) layed out into two consecutive DMX channels. For these select, a 16-bit Mode, either Big or Little Endian as expected by the device.


By using DMX Array Output module you can also describe a structure of several input data occupying a number of consecutive channels. Each data can be either 8bit or 16bit:

clevd9.png clevd10.png

In this case, Channel designates the first channel where the data structure begins.

There is also a helper module for sending RGB color data with an optional W component. called DMX Color Output. Components can be either 8 or 16bit:

clevd11.png clevd12.png

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