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Graphical Features

Real-Time Features

What are the main Real-Time Features of Aximmetry?

  • 2D/3D rendering
  • Post-processing
  • Effects
  • color correction
  • LUT
  • chroma keying
  • node-based scene editing
  • curve-based timeline and animation editing

Advanced 3D Graphics Features

What are the main advanced 3D graphics features of Aximmetry

  • HDR
  • Depth of Field
  • Shadows
  • Reflections
  • Refraction

Custom Node-Based Features

What type of custom node-based graphical elements can be created with Aximmetry?

  • Materials
  • post-processing shaders
  • particle systems and effectors

Can I create other types of reusable custom nodes?

Yes, you can. Aximmetry is a versatile Node Based editor which allows you to create your own custom compounds/compound nodes. Which can be used for both graphical and logical solutions to meet your unique real-time broadcasting or projection needs.
They also can be linked to an outside source allowing reusability, and a flexible way to update them throughout your entire project.

Animation Features

Can I create animations in Aximmetry?

Yes! In Aximmetry you can use keyed curve to animate any:

  • 2D objects
  • 3D objects
  • Node properties
  • Rendering parameters

2D File Formats

What 2D image formats are supported in Aximmetry?

The following file formats are supported in all Aximmetry versions:

  • png
  • dds
  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • tif
  • tiff
  • bmp
  • tga
  • gif
  • psd
  • hdr
  • exr
  • jxr
  • hdp
  • wdp
  • dpx
  • cube

3D File Formats

What 3D model formats are supported in Aximmetry?

You can import 3D modeles

  • FBX
  • OBJ

You can import 3D animations


Broadcast Features

Virtual Studio Features

What main Virtual Studio features can the Aximmetry provide?

  • Multiple virtual cameras with editable motion paths
  • Customizable virtual camera and broadcast control interfaces
  • Virtual lighting of live actors
  • Live actors cast real-time shadows, reflections, refraction

Simultaneous Inputs and Output Features

Can Aximmetry drive different types of inputs and outputs at the same time?

Aximmetry can run multiple simultaneous

  • Video outputs
    • TV screens
    • Monitors
    • Projectors
    • LED-walls
    • etc.


  • File inputs
    • Videos
    • Single images
    • Image sequences


Downloading additional content

When you download additional content from for Aximmetry the file should be a .xpack file.
All .xpack files can be double-clicked and Aximmetry Installer installs the file's contents.

I have downloaded a content package. It is a zip file. When I try to extract it asks for a password. Can you help?

From our experience, this problem happens when using download software like Internet download manager (IDM)
After downloading the files we need only to change file extensions to .xpack extension

Updates and Improvements

Where can I find the list of updates and improvements of Aximmetry

You can check for new features and updates at by clicking on the “what's new” link on the MY SOFTWARE page. Where your licences are listed.
Also, you can find the information directly by the following link:

Augmented Reality

Can Aximmetry be used for AR (Augmented Reality)?

In the software base project folder, you can find a simple AR tutorial scene at:
You can use our tracked camera documentation for this:

It demonstrates using tracking with virtual sets, but AR is basically a simpler version of that without keying, green setup and billboards.
In the example scene, you'll see the simpler AR-specific control boards.

Camera lens and tracking calibration

The Aximmetry Camera Calibrator offers Lens Calibration and Tracking Calibration.
Lens Calibration can measure lens distortion, Center Shift, and Focal Length.
Tracking calibration automatically calculates the tracker's position on the camera.

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