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What GPU do you recommend for Aximmetry?

To utilize all functionalities of Aximmetry we recommend the latest and Strongest GPU from Nvidia.

Can Aximmetry run on AMD GPU?

AMD is only partially compatible with Aximmetry.

  • For H.264/.264 encoding we use an NVidia GPU-based codec, which means you won't be able to record into MP4 or directly stream to social media. This is where we primarily recommend NVidia cards.

Multi GPU

Does Aximmetry benefit from Multi GPU setups rendering the same image?

As Aximmetry is designed with a Single Strong GPU in mind to render a single frame, we suggest creating your scene based on the performance of the strongest GPU in your machine.

Can Aximmetry utilize Multi GPU setups in any way?

  • In Independent mode:
    • Aximmetry can render multiple different outputs at the same time with multiple separate GPU s in either single machine or multi-machine mode
  • In Linked mode:
    • Aximmetry can share rendering of individual frames between GPU s. (So every other Frame is rendered by another GPU.)

What to take care of in case of Multi GPU setup?

  • Aximmetry loads the data to both GPU s, so both GPU s have to have enough Memory.
  • Preview windows are always rendered with the primary GPU using its performance.
  • In Linked mode, its advised to use the same type of GPU.

Does Aximmetry DE with unreal engine benefit from Multi GPU setup?

At the moment not even Unreal engine can easily and fully utilize the capabilities of an SLI connection and Multi GPU to render a single frame.

Can one utilize multiple GPU s with Unreal Engine?

In case one needs Multiple UE outputs at the same time. He must use Aximmetry with Multi-Machine setup. In this case each Machine and their GPU is calculating an output separately.


SDI Input/Output

Which Aximmetry edition do I need to use SDI input/output?

What types of SDI cards can be used?

You can use any card from the following manufacturers:

  • Blackmagic Design
  • Magewell
  • AJA
  • Bluefish444
  • Deltacast

The following document helps choosing the appropriate model for different usage scenarios

Can I use 3 SDI camera inputs simultaneously on a single machine?

Yes, with Professional or Broadcast editions.

  • It’s recommended to use an SDI card with 4 configurable SDI ports,
    for e.g. AJA Corvid 44 or Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2.
  • HINT: You can configure these cards for e.g. 3 SDI camera inputs and 1 SDI output.

Can I use 4 SDI camera inputs simultaneously?

Yes, but:

Professional Edition supports a total of 4 SDI input/output ports per machine that includes both the input and the output ports.
It means that if you need at least one SDI output you can only receive a maximum of 3 SDI camera inputs.
Broadcast Edition does not have these limitations.
Alternatively, you can build a multi-machine system with a Professional Edition per machine, and for e.g. use a dedicated machine for each of your SDI cameras.

Can I use NDI instead of SDI?

Yes, you can. You can also combine them.
Only with Professional or Broadcast editions.

Can I render an independent SDI output for each camera inputs on a single PC?

Yes, but:

  • With Professional Edition you’ll be limited to two cameras this way.
  • With Broadcast Edition you’ll only be limited by your hardware performance.
  • HINT: To avoid these limitations it’s recommended to set up a multi-PC system where each camera has its own dedicated rendering PC.

NDI Input/Output

What are the limitations of using NDI ports?

  • In the Professional Edition the combined number of SDI and NDI inputs/outputs are limited to 4.
  • The Broadcast Edition does not have that limitation (it’s limited by the hardware performance only).

Can I use NDI instead of SDI?

Yes, you can. You can also combine them.
Only with Professional or Broadcast editions.


Which professional camera tracking systems are supported by Aximmetry?

We consider professional camera tracking systems to be solutions that were developed for the explicit reason of tracking camera motion in a broadcast or film environment and can provide consistently precise camera tracking data for the duration of the whole production for our virtual studio software.

The following professional tracking systems are supported:

  • Mo-Sys
  • Stype
  • TrackMen
  • Ncam
  • RocketLab
  • Free-D (ChingMu, EZtrack, Shotoku, etc)
  • Visca
  • Vanishing Point Vector
  • Vanishing Point Viper
  • Lonet (Glassmark, Indiemark)
  • Thoma
  • zLense

Which Aximmetry edition do I need to use a professional camera tracking system?

Professional camera tracking systems are supported in our Broadcast Edition only.

Which object tracking systems are integrated into any Aximmetry edition?

We consider object tracking systems to be solutions that do not provide lens data and or originally not meant for camera tracking. Please note that Aximmetry does not officially support using object tracking systems for the purpose of camera tracking. We strive to create the means for such usage in Aximmetry, but we cannot provide any support for it and we cannot guarantee any result.

The following object tracking systems are integrated:

  • Antilatency
  • HTC Vive and any system that supports OpenVR
  • Intel Realsense
  • OptiTrack
  • Qualisys
  • PhaseSpace Impulse X2E
  • Vicon

Can I use HTC Vive for camera tracking with my Aximmetry?

Yes, you can. Please follow the manual Experimenting with HTC Vive camera tracking using Unreal scene.

Please also see: Setting Up Virtual Sets with Tracked Cameras
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