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Operation (Redundancy)



How to achieve Redundancy with Aximmetry?

  • First and foremost we advise using a server-grade computer with hardware redundancy. (it won't protect you from software crashes)

After this you have 2 options:

  • Running 2 independent Aximmetry instances with the same scene on 2 separate machines.
    • If one goes down you can switch to the other one. (It won't look like nothing happened)
    • It will be similar to a camera switch, but actually, one camera can be used for this.
    • The switch has to be done manually!
    • (Whatever you modified in the scene during the show on the 1st machine won't be updated to the 2nd one.)
    • HINT: A variation of this solution can be to have a separate fixed camera for the 2nd computer, so the fallout of the 1st machine will look like a camera switch.
  • Running an Aximmetry Broadcast with the multi-machine feature only for controlling other instances.
    • (this controlling instance should not do rendering, so the probability of freezing is unlikely on a server-grade PC)
    • All the other PCs are connected to their cameras, they all work in sync.
    • If one "render" Aximmetry falls out, the control machine automatically switches to the next available render machine.
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