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Definition of a Virtual Production and its Benefits



Virtual Production has been around for some time, but the more capable hardware became to suit the Broadcast and Film industry's high-end expectations, it also reached a vast variety of new users from bloggers to smaller tv studios to live event producers.

What Is Virtual Production?

Virtual Production is the method of creating content with either only computers or with a combination of computers and classical film and television tools. Different software are used to allow studios to combine live-action footage and computer graphics in real-time. This way contributors across multiple locations can create and render digital environments, while cast members are physically working on set. But there are a lot of other advantages for studios looking for virtual production.

What are the benefits of Virtual Production with Aximmetry?

Virtual production has several benefits. Here are a few important ones:

Cutting costs and time

Virtual Production allows producers to cut costs and time with less or no need for location scouting, on-location setup costs, and several other expensive necessities. Instead, they only need a high-end PC, a studio, and Aximmetry.

Pre-production visualization

In virtual production, it is easy to give shape to your creative ideas. You can create or use pre-made scenes, sets, environments, studios and quickly change the lighting, colors and look of your virtual reality. This makes the creative process more efficient.

Pre-made asset utilization

Virtual resources are easier to find today online than ever before. Producers can hire graphical artists personally or online, use free or reasonably priced pre-made virtual materials or create their own.

Worldwide Collaboration 

Now virtual production can be managed and controlled across the globe without delay.

Flexibility and mobility

It is easy to change aspects of your virtual environment and even easier to transfer them to other locations, studios, PCs and to share them with clients and colleagues.

From the first steps to post-production with Aximmetry

Aximmetry is an all-in-one software solution, which will help you to plan your production, visualize, change, produce and post-process your projects.

This series of articles will guide you through the possibilities that Aximmetry provides, from basic camera tracking systems, through streaming online to recording and post-process procedures. 

The creation of a professional Broadcast or Show in Aximmetry is put together in four steps:

  • Preparation of the Production Environment (Phase I)
    • In this segment we walk you through the basics: how to plan your virtual production from studio, through choosing the right Aximmetry, and the right additional tools you'll need to succeed. You can learn about what kind of virtual productions are present on the market today, what each of them require (in terms of studio environment, hardware and software) and how you can make it.

  • On the Day of the Show (Phase II) - Coming soon
    • In this segment we walk you through of what's probably the most crucial part of a virtual production: preparation for the show right before it starts. Follow our simple guidance so that you won't miss any important step. Just relax and focus on the show itself!

  • During Broadcast (Phase III) - Coming soon
    • In this segment we walk you through what an Aximmetry operator does during a live show. In short, if you're well prepared, this will be easy.

  • Post-Process (Phase IV) - Coming soon
    • In this segment you can learn about how to enhance, adjust, change, in other words post-process your already recorded show in Aximmetry.
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