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Interactive Editing with Live Sync



Aximmetry can connect to Unreal in two distinct ways, each beneficial for different scenarios:

  1. Cooked Mode - for best performance.
  2. Live Sync Mode - for interactive editing.

Cooked Mode

In Cooked mode, Aximmetry directly loads content generated by Unreal, eliminating the need for a running separate Unreal Editor. This mode should be used in live production due to its superior performance.

Aximmetry utilizes the cooked version of the project, which is generated when you select Cook Content for Aximmetry DE from the Aximmetry menu in Unreal Editor:

Consequently, any changes made to the scene in Unreal require the project to be cooked again. Aximmetry can remain active with the Unreal Project module set to Cooked Mode and will automatically recognize and reload the project once the cooking process is completed.

Live Sync Mode

In Live Sync mode, Aximmetry DE and Unreal Editor for Aximmetry must be running at the same time. Aximmetry establishes a connection with the active Unreal Editor session when you initiate Play in the Unreal Editor.

This mode is invaluable during the scene development phase of your project, allowing for real-time editing and testing without the need to cook the project after each modification.

To use Live Sync, press Play in Unreal Editor for Aximmetry:

In Aximmetry DE select the Unreal module in the Flow Editor and set the Connection pin to Live Sync:

After performing these steps, the same visual output should be visible in both Aximmetry DE and the Unreal Editor.
You have the flexibility to stop and then start again both the Unreal scene and the Aximmetry compound or even the Unreal Editor and Aximmetry itself, the connection will be re-established automatically.

NOTE: Unreal Editor does not save changes made during play. Once play is stopped, every modification to objects in the scene (map) will be reverted to their state prior to initiating play.
NOTE: Live Sync is not fully usable in a Multi-Machine setup. The Unreal Editor running on the controller machine will only be received by the controller machine's Aximmetry.

NOTE: The Unreal viewport resolution adjusts automatically following the Out Size pin's value of the Unreal module, similar to in Cooked Mode. If the game runs in a separate window within the Unreal Editor, that window's dimensions will also be modified.
NOTE: The "Use Less CPU when in Background" setting in Unreal Editor Preferences is persistently disabled by the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry to ensure optimal performance during Live Sync.

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