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Introduction to the Flow Editor

Please note that this is a BETA version of the document. All information presented is correct but we are working on improving the details.


The Flow in Aximmetry is a node-based editing system with a wide range of capabilities. For example, it can function as a visual scripting system while also allowing editing and designing complex 3D scenes.

The system allows run-time editing and any change in the Flow will be near-instantaneous. These qualities allow operators to quickly learn the Flow Editor, rapidly develop projects, and make edits or corrections even under live production. While it gives you access to use and develop functions that are generally only available when writing or buying a separate executable program.

Description of Basic Components

Listed below are the basic building blocks of the Flow Editor. Click on the titles to open the detailed documentation and learn about the basic concepts and find valuable tips.
It is recommended to go through each of them in the order they are listed below.

  • The Flow Editor

    The Flow Editor is part of Aximmetry Composer where the node base flow editing happens:
  • The Module

    Modules are the basic built-in nodes of Flow Editor:
  • The Pin

    Pins function as connection points between nodes or as editable parameters:
  • The Compound

    Compounds are custom nodes that can be created, saved, and included within another compound. Any Aximmetry project (.xcomp) can function as a Compound.
  • The Control Board

    Control Boards are special compounds that are used for making user-friendly interfaces.

Description of Advanced Concepts

Listed below are the advanced features and elements of the Flow Editor. Click on the titles to open the detailed documentation.
It is recommended to go through each of the documentation in the Description of basic components before reading the concepts and documentation below.

  • Special Compound: Pin Collector

    The Pin Collector is a special node. It is mainly used to make user-friendly panels on Control Boards.
  • Collection for Databases

    The Collection is a special pin data type. This document describes related modules and how to use the collection to process extensive amounts of data.
  • Pin Data Types

    A list of all pin types in the Flow Editor and their short descriptions.
  • Special Pin Names

    Discusses how to name pins to appear differently on the Control Board or in the Flow Editor.

NOTE: There is detailed documentation on using the Flow Editor for 3D rendering here: Creating Content in Aximmetry SE
Following that documentation can teach you to build physically realistic studio scenes in Aximmetry's render engine.

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