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Special Compound: Pin Collector

Please note that this is a BETA version of the document. All information presented is correct but we are working on improving the details.

The Pin Collector

Pin Collectors are used for gathering pins of nodes in Aximmetry. We can add an arbitrary number of pins from different nodes to a Pin Collector. Making it easier to control the properties of nodes on the Control Board or in the Flow Editor.

We can add a Pin Collector, by right-clicking in the Flow Editor-> New Special Compound-> Pin Collector:

Pin Collector comes with one output pin named "+", you can drag any other node's input pin to this:

Then a pop-up window will appear where you have to name this pin:

There are several options to not just have a plain name but to display the pin differently or make buttons from it on a Control Board panel. These options are discussed in the Special Pin Names documentation.

Changing the value of a pin in the Pin Collector will change the nodes' values as well.

You can connect more nodes to your Pin Collector thus creating 2 or more properties that you can set.
The connected nodes' pins can be controlled from a single node.

Pin Collector on Control Board

Pin Collectors can be added to any Control Board making them a very versatile way to control any part of your project from outside the Flow Editor.
(This documentation takes into consideration that you are already familiar with Control Boards, if not please follow this documentation)
You can add a Control Board from anywhere in your Flow Editor right-click-> New Special Compound-> Control Board:

You can add the Pin Collector to your Control Board by right-clicking on the node. At the Add to Control Board, you can select which control board you want to add the Pin Collector. In this example, there is only one Control Board named My Control Board:

On the Control Board, a new node will appear with the name of the Pin Collector:

It is possible to add Buttons to panels like the one above. This is detailed in the Special Pin Names documentation.

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