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Using Web Server to Remote Control Aximmetry from a Web Browser



Aximmetry's Web Server feature enables the replication of a selected control board of the running scene as a web page, thereby facilitating remote control via a web browser. Since web browsers are available across countless operating systems, this feature allows for an easy-to-set-up control interface of Aximmetry from various operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android (on both mobile and tablet devices).

You can activate the Web Server from Edit / Preferences / HTTP Control:

You can also specify the port the server listens on.

NOTE: HTTP Control also has to be enabled to use the Web Server, since the web page communicates with Aximmetry via the HTTP interface.


The current version (available from version 2023.3.0 BETA) is an initial, experimental one, and has some limitations.

  • Numeric and color editors utilize the web browser's default editing capabilities, therefore some comfort functionalities of Aximmetry UI are not available here.
  • Transformation properties are displayed as single text editors at the moment.
  • Video menus' thumbnails are not displayed.
  • The property editor columns can't be resized.
  • The communication is one way: modifications done in Aximmetry itself will not be reflected automatically on the web page. Please refresh the web page in this case.

Accessing From a Web Browser

Using a special URL, you can replicate a selected control board in your web browser. The format of the URL is:


ip: the IP address of the computer running Aximmetry
port: the web server port you specified in Edit / Preferences / HTTP Control, see above.
control_board: the name of the control board you want to replicate
options: various display options, see below.

for example:

NOTE: You can only access the control boards of the currently running scene.
NOTE: If the name of the control board contains space or any special character, you have to use the standard URL encoding method of %hexcode, for example, board=THE%20MAIN%20BOARD.

Display Modes

Suppose you have a control board named MAIN that looks like this:

Each panel has a few properties.

We also suppose that your Aximmetry web server runs at
NOTE: We'll use this IP address and port number in all the examples below.

You can replicate this control board in your web browser in different display modes, which are controlled by the mode option in the URL.

List Mode

This is the default mode, so you can enter either


In both cases, you'll get this look:

This mode is primarily for cases when you only have a few properties on a couple of panels.

The List mode can be mutated in two ways:

nobuttons mode:

NOTE: If a panel does not have any buttons, it will have this look anyway.

noheaders mode:

In addition, in any mode you can narrow the UI to a single specific panel using the panel option, for example:

NOTE: If the name of the panel contains space or any special character, you have to use the standard URL encoding method of %hexcode, for example, panel=MY%20SPECIAL%20PANEL.

Panel Mode

This mode is for the case when you only want to use the buttons of the control board.

The panels are displayed in the same arrangement as in Aximmetry:

PanelProp Mode

This mode provides the closest experience to Aximmetry's actual UI. The panels can be selected, and the properties of the selected one are displayed on the right.

The panels can be zoomed and panned using the mouse wheel and the middle mouse button, just like in Aximmetry.

Displaying Multiple Control Boards

You can display multiple control boards simultaneously either by using multiple pages in your browser or creating a webpage that contains multiple iframes for the different control boards.

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