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NDI In/Output Setup



Aximmetry can natively create an NDI In-, or Output channel without the need for any third-party software.

This article will describe:

  • How to set up an NDI input to be used in Aximmetry
  • How to create an NDI signal (output) with Aximmetry
  • Examples of how to stream Aximmetry output to Skype or Zoom, using NDI Tools

For streaming to other platforms, for example, Facebook, YouTube, etc. please refer to this article: Streaming (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.)

For more information on NDI please refer to this document: NDI

Aximmetry NDI Input Setup

There is not much needed to set up an NDI signal as input into Aximmetry. As soon as there is an NDI signal on the network, to which the PC running Aximmetry is connected, Aximmetry will recognize it.

Such inputs will be automatically listed in all video input fields. A few examples:

In Aximmetry Composer Startup Configuration / Device Mapper

Video Input module

INPUT panel of Virtual Cam compound

Aximmetry NDI Output Setup

After starting Aximmetry Composer,

In the Startup Configuration click Manage Devices...

In the Device Manager find NDI on the left, in the Video Out category. Click Add...

Name your output as you wish. We named it "Aximmetry NDI Output". Click OK.

The NDI output will show up in the Startup Configuration list:

Turn ON Sync for this output. Usually, 1080p30 works well, but of course, you can set the Mode to whatever you would like to use.

Streaming to Skype, Zoom, or any VoIP communication software

To learn more about how to use NDI for streaming, please refer to this document: Streaming to Skype, Zoom and other VoIP software

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