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How to Install Aximmetry



General Information on Aximmetry

Create a My Aximmetry Account

In order to download Aximmetry, you will need to create a user. There are several benefits of having a user account at Aximmetry.
You can create a user at

When you first log in to your My Aximmetry account, you will be provided with a free edition of Aximmetry, the Community Edition.
To find more details on Aximmetry licenses and editions, please click here.

You can find all your Aximmetry editions in your My Aximmetry account, under the My Software tab, here.

You can find further information on the differences between the SE and DE versions here.

Installing the SE version

You can download the installer from your My Aximmetry account's My Software tab. Click 'Download Latest Version'.

We recommend that you always update Aximmetry to the latest version.

After some basic steps, you can select where to install the Aximmetry Projects folder. We recommend leaving it as Aximmetry offers.

When you first install Aximmetry, we recommend checking all content package boxes for installation. This will help you to get to know the software better and quicker.
If you did not check a box by accident or on purpose, but you still want to use the package, later on, you can always download these from your My Aximmetry account's My Packages tab and use the Aximmetry Installer to install them.



Installing the DE version

The Aximmetry DE version comes with another software, called Unreal Editor for Aximmetry.

Please make sure that the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry and the Aximmetry DE versions always match.
You can only create a connection to Aximmetry from your unreal scene with the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry. Because of this, we recommend creating the scene from the start in the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry to the end, however, it is possible to create the scene in the basic Unreal Editor (which is launched by the Epic Games Launcher). But keep in mind that the connections and last touch-ups must be made and the scene cooked in the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry.

If on the following screen you select 'Yes...', then the installer will download and install the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry.


Again, don't get scared if you select 'No...', since you can download the Unreal Editor for Aximmetry later from My Aximmetry's My Software tab.

Starting Aximmetry

After launching Aximmetry Composer, which is the main Aximmetry software, you will have to enter your product key.

Please note that the keys for the SE and DE versions are not the same, so you will have to enter the proper one.
You can find all your product keys in your My Aximmetry account's My Software tab.

How to start working with Aximmetry?


创建My Aximmetry账户


当您首次登录My Aximmetry账号时,您将获得免费版的Aximmetry软件,即社区版。

您可在自己的My Aximmetry账户中,我的软件 (My Software)标签页下面查看自己所有Aximmetry软件版本及相关授权,请点击此处了解。



您可通过您的My Aximmetry账户中我的软件(My Software)标签页下载软件。请点击下载最新版(Download Latest Version)下载并安装Aximmetry。



我们建议您在初次安装Aximmetry时勾选安装所有内容包。。这将有助于您更全面地认识软件。若您初期有意或无意未勾选某项安装包,但您仍想使用其文件,那么您可随时在您的My Aximmetry账户中我的安装包(My Packages)标签页下进行下载。


Aximmetry DE版还包括另一个软件,即Aximmetry虚幻编辑器 (Unreal Editor for Aximmetry)。

您只能通过虚幻编辑器(Unreal Editor for Aximmetry)将一个虚幻场景接入到Aximmetry。因此, 虽然可以使用普通的虚幻编辑器(由Epic Games发布)创建场景,但我们较推荐从一开始就使用Aximmetry的虚幻编辑器(Unreal Editor for Aximmetry)进行到底。请注意, 所有连接、最后的修饰,及场景的烘焙均需在Aximmetry的虚幻编辑器 (Unreal Editor for Aximmetry) 中完成。

若您在以下页面中选择“是”,那么安装过程将包括Aximmetry虚幻编辑器(Unreal Editor for Aximmetry)的安装。

若您选中了'不'也不用担心。后期可随时在My Aximmetry账户中我的软件(My Software )标签页下下载并安装Aximmetry虚幻编辑器为(Unreal Editor for Aximmetry)。


启动Aximmetry Composer(即Aximmetry的软件主体)后需要输入您的序列号。

请注意,SE和DE版拥有不同的序列号,请根据您的软件版本输入相应的序列号信息。您所有序列号相关信息都能在My Aximmetry账户里,在我的软件(My Software)标签页找到。

Introduction to Application Basics

Detailed step-by-step guidance / 详细的步骤指导

Introduction / 导语

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install any version of Aximmetry, including all available language support.


0. Launch Aximmetry Installer / 打开Aximmetry安装向导

The first window to open allows you to select the language for the installer.* Make sure you select the right language for your needs, as after this step you cannot change the language settings until the installation is complete. *(Except for the 播客 license, which automatically chooses Chinese.)

您可在第一窗口中选择来您想用的语言*。 请确保根据自身需求选择,因为后续在安装完成前将无法再另选语言。*(除播客版以外。播客版的安装指导自动设为中文。)

Windows with English as the selected display language                                                     Windows with Chinese as the selected display language

英文安装向导视窗                                                                                                                          中文安装向导视窗


1. Follow the installer. / 接着安装


2. Accept the End-User License Agreement / 接受最终用户许可协议


3. For DE users, accept the Unreal Engine Sublicense Agreement / DE用户们需接受虚幻引擎分许可协议


4. Select Installation Folder for Aximmetry or use the default option / 选择Aximmetry的安装文件夹或者用默认文件夹


5. Select Projects Folder / 选择项目文件夹

Here you can specify where to install your Projects folder, and you can also choose which content packages you want Aximmetry to install on your computer. After proceeding with this step, the selected content packages will be downloaded from our website and then installed on your computer automatically. If necessary, the content packages can also be manually downloaded and installed from our website, though we recommend using the installer for this purpose.



6. For DE users, select whether you want to install the Unreal Engine on your computer now / DE用户们可在此处选泽是否希望安装虚幻引擎


7. Proceed with the installation and wait for it to finish. / 继续安装等待并等待完成。





8. For DE users, install the Unreal Engine / DE用户们还需要安装虚幻引擎






9. Finish the installation. / 结束安装

You can now start using Aximmetry.



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