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Mac compatibility


Can I use Aximmetry on macOS?

No, Aximmetry is a Windows-only application. 

Can I install Aximmetry on a Mac device?

Yes, however, installing Windows on the Mac is required. You can follow Apple's guide on how to do so here.

Also, keep in mind that Aximmetry is partially compatible with AMD graphics cards. The main reason for that is that to encode/decode H.264/.264 we use an NVidia GPU-based codec, which means you won't be able to record into MP4 or directly stream to social media. Knowing that most high-end Mac devices (x86-based ones) come with AMD GPUs, makes it more difficult for us to advise going the Mac route. 

Also, Aximmetry will only run if an Intel CPU is used. As Apple has stopped Intel CPUs for almost 3 years now, the only Macs that can possibly run Aximmetry DE and render a heavy 3D scene in real-time is a Mac Pro or an IMac with a high-end Xeon or I9 CPU. Here is a list of Macintosh models grouped by CPU type.

Some Macs feature a Thunderbolt port that allows plugging an eGPU (external GPU). Thanks to it, using an NVidia GPU with a Mac is possible. We haven't tested it ourselves, but in theory, it could result in a better Aximmetry experience.

Are Apple-Silicon-based MACs supported?

No, Apple silicon SOCs are ARM-based, not x86 like Intel and AMD CPUs. It's a completely different architecture. Aximmetry is an x86 application, and since it is not compatible with macOS in the first place, it is not possible to use Rosetta to emulate it like some other Mac applications that have been updated to be ARM native.

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