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Aximmetry Editions



This document provides an introduction to every available edition of Aximmetry, together with a short description of them at the end of this document.

Here you can find a detailed comparison of the features between the editions: Aximmetry Products

IMPORTANT: Professional camera tracking systems are only supported by the Broadcast Edition (see later). You can learn more about supported tracking systems here: Tracking Systems

Aximmetry Editions

Aximmetry has two main versions: SE (Single Engine) and DE (Dual Engine).
Here you can learn about the differences between the SE and DE versions of Aximmetry:  Aximmetry SE or DE?

For both of these versions, we offer three Editions. These are:

  • Studio Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Broadcast Edition

There is also a standalone Edition, that is not version specific (it can be used both with SE and DE versions):

  • Calibrator Edition

Product Line

Access to the editions is granted after purchasing a license subscription or a lifetime license.
Product licenses are named by adding the version name (SE or DE) after the name of the Edition (e.g. Broadcast DE).
Based on the above, the following product licenses are available:

SE licenses

  • Studio SE (free license that can be requested after registration)
  • Professional SE
  • Broadcast SE

DE licenses

  • Studio DE (free license that can be requested after registration)
  • Professional DE
  • Broadcast DE

Standalone license

  • Calibrator

Studio Edition

Who the Studio Edition is meant for?

The free version of Aximmetry Studio Edition is suitable for those wishing to use Aximmetry for non-commercial purposes and for those wishing to try Aximmetry free of charge, without making any commitment to it.
The free version has no time limit at all.

Aximmetry Studio Edition with the no watermark function is suitable for very small or home studios (e.g. YouTubers) without professional SDI devices.

Additional notes:

  • The Studio Edition is limited to 1 license available per version per user account (maximum 1 Studio SE and 1 Studio DE per user account).
  • The free Studio Edition is only allowed for non-commercial usage.
  • The free Studio Edition will display an Aximmetry logo watermark on every video output of the software.

You can:

  • use multiple cameras with a single PC connected via HDMI or USB capture devices,
  • generate one or more video outputs through your graphics card’s HDMI/DP/DVI ports,
  • stream your output directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or any RMTP-based video service
  • use Object tracking systems.
  • multi-PC configuration (only as satellite (renderer) machine).

Professional Edition

Who the Professional Edition is meant for?

Aximmetry Professional Edition is suitable for small professional studios

aiming for

  • single-PC setup,
  • using Object tracking systems,
  • multi-PC configuration (only as satellite (renderer) machine),
  • using a maximum of 4 SDI / NDI input/output ports (e.g. 3 SDI camera inputs and one SDI composite output),
  • users who do not need any camera tracking solution (using fixed cameras with virtual camera motions only).

Broadcast Edition

Who the Broadcast Edition is meant for?

Aximmetry Broadcast Edition is suitable for professional studios requiring camera tracking functionality.

  • It can be used either in a single-PC setup with unlimited SDI / NDI input/output ports
  • using Professional camera tracking systems (it’s limited by the hardware performance only)
  • or in a multi-PC configuration (as a controller or renderer machine) (e.g. each camera has its own dedicated rendering PC).

Calibrator Edition

The Calibrator Edition contains Aximmetry Camera Calibrator - which is included in the Broadcast Edition - as a standalone Edition to be used together with other editions.

Who is the Calibrator Edition meant for?

It is suitable for those who chose Studio or Professional Edition for their work and need capable camera calibrator software to calibrate their camera lens and camera tracking device.

  • It can be used for lens and tracking calibration.
  • It can calibrate every supported Professional Camera Tracking device and Object Tracking device.
  • It can be used in conjunction with other tracking calibration solutions (e.g. using the Camera Calibrator for providing lens calibration to a third-party tracking calibration used in Aximmetry)
  • It comes with an easy-to-use built-in guidance
  • It can provide production-ready calibrations within 20 to 70 minutes (depending on whether calibrating with a fixed focal length or zoom lens camera)
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