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Aximmetry SE or DE?



This article will discuss the differences between the Aximmetry SE and Aximmetry DE product lines.
NOTE: You can also visit the following page to learn more about them: Aximmetry DE and SE

Aximmetry SE

Aximmetry SE stands for Single Engine. It means that it uses a single rendering engine which is the Aximmetry Engine. The native Aximmetry engine offers:

  • Real-time 2D/3D rendering, image processing,  post-processing, effects, color correction, LUT, etc.
  • Advanced 3D graphics: PBR, HDR, shadows, reflections, refraction, Depth of Field, etc.
  • Importing 3D objects and scenes with materials and animations from COLLADA and FBX format
  • Composition of virtual background with live actors with real-time shadows, reflections, refractions, lightwrap, etc
  • Advanced chroma keying capabilities
  • Support for AR productions
  • Support for LED Wall productions
  • Loading various image and video formats

Our Recommended hardware for Aximmetry SE.

NOTE: In case of working with a workstation that uses server-grade hardware please refer to this page.

Aximmetry DE

Aximmetry DE stands for Dual Engine. The difference is that besides the Aximmety Engine, the DE edition adds Unreal Engine support. This allows for 3 possible use cases:

  • Using the Aximmetry Engine individually
  • Unreal Scene rendering by Unreal Engine in the background, while other functionalities - like keying, compositing, adding shadows, etc. - are done by Aximmetry Engine
  • Using both engines simultaneously, for example adding AR elements.

Using Aximmetry's advanced compositing technologies, both engines can work in conjunction. For example, Aximmetry's engine renders the billboard to utilize its chroma keying and sampling technology, while Unreal Engine renders the virtual environment where the billboard is placed.

Aximmetry DE is also capable of rendering virtual objects with Unreal Engine and compositing them onto a tracked or virtual camera image, allowing for augmented reality productions.

Our Recommended hardware for Aximmetry DE

NOTE: If working with a workstation that uses server-grade hardware please refer to this page.

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