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Aximmetry Software Package



Aximmetry is not just one software, but the whole package for your entire virtual production workflow.

Below is a list of all the Aximmetry Applications that you can get with Aximmetry, and their description.

Basic Calibrator

Part of the Broadcast Edition.

Our manual lens calibrator software. You can calibrate zoom, focus, and adjust for center shift with it. To learn more about how to use it, you can refer to the Basic Calibrator document.

Camera Calibrator

Part of the Broadcast and Calibrator Edition.

Our all-new Camera Calibrator software. It can automatically calculate lens distortion, zoom, and tracking while its continuous development ensures the further extension of its capabilities. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and provide a set of images to the program to do its magic (just move the camera and click "next"). To learn more about it, you can refer to the Camera Calibrator document.


The core of Aximmetry. In most cases, this is the software you are working with. We use it to import and create graphics, create and manage scripts (features and functions created for compounds \ projects), and operate virtual scenes during production. You can refer to Introduction to Starting with Aximmetry to learn about the basics of its operation.

Dependency Manager

The Dependency Manager is used to manage the references of linked compounds (a special type of compound file used only by Aximmetry) and the packages. To make life simpler, we provide turnkey solutions in complex cases. This program can be used to manage the "background" of these turnkey solutions (associated files of the linked compounds) as you can create easy solutions / linked compounds as well.


Aximmetry Installer is the program used for installing Aximmetry package files (e.g. content packages, virtual scenes bought from Aximmetry).


Aximmetry Launcher is one of the two programs used exclusively with Multi Machine setups. It has to run on all the render machines, as it is responsible for launching, restarting, and stopping the rendering on the render machines (in the context of Multi Machine setup, machines are used by us as a synonym for computers).


The Observer is a program that runs in the background of Aximmetry. In case of a fatal error of Aximmetry or Unreal Editor for Aximmetry it creates a dump file if you request it, then terminates the process. Dump files are designed to contain all the necessary information that we need to determine the cause of such errors, allowing us to provide you with a solution in these cases.


The Packager is used to create package files. Packages are self-containing files that can contain anything from a simple module, through more complex compounds to complete ready-made virtual scenes. Package files can be installed by Aximmetry.Installer.


The Pilot is a simplified version of the Composer that only allows access to the Control Boards for the operation of the virtual scene. Without access to the Flow Editor, the studio operator cannot modify the content of the scene.


The Renderer is one of two programs used exclusively with Multi-Machine setups. It is essentially a Composer without a user interface doing mostly computing / rendering tasks. It also manages the communication between the control and renderer machines.


Watchdog is a program that runs in the background of Aximmetry. In case of abnormal termination of a process (e.g. fatal error, crash, freeze) it terminates the process and quickly starts a new one reloading the same project. This ensures that even in case of a freeze/crash of Aximmetry, the production can continue automatically (without personal intervention) within seconds. This quick restart process also reacts to hotkeys, so it can be launched manually as well. It's also able to automatically report via email (useful in case of automatic video installations).

The Watchdog can be used together with the following software:

  • Aximmetry Composer,
  • Multi-Machine setups (used with Aximmetry Composer).

Please note that in order to use the Watchdog with e.g. Aximmetry Composer, use the /watch Command Line Switch.
Please refer to the Keyboard Shortcuts document to learn more about the use of Watchdog.

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