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Introduction to Which Aximmetry Version is Right for You



Having the right tools and cost-effectivity are crucial elements of success. By having a clear idea of your goals, you can avoid spending money on things that you do not need or that cannot meet your needs. We made an introduction to all of our licenses as well as about the differences between Aximmetry's two main product lines: Aximmetry SE (Single Engine) and Aximmetry DE (Dual Engine) to help you understand exactly what their capabilities are. Furthermore, you can find their system requirements to help you select the right hardware or to be able to judge whether the hardware you have access to is suitable to run Aximmetry or not. 

Here is a short overview of the options Aximmetry can offer you:

  • Editions
    • Community (discontinued)
    • Studio
    • Professional
    • Broadcast
  • Product Lines
    • SE (Single Engine)
    • DE (Dual Engine)

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