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About Aximmetry Knowledge Base



The Aximmetry Knowledge Base is a collection of articles that will guide you through your virtual production with Aximmetry. It can be accessed directly from our website, under the "Learn" tab:

If you are in the early steps of considering and acquiring information on Virtual Production generally, you can learn more about it here: Definition of a Virtual Production and its Benefits


The structure of the Knowledge Base (KB) was built with the approach that you should follow it from the beginning. We will introduce concepts, notions, and settings in chronological order from the time you have the idea to create a virtual production to the end of the post-process work.

We have created four Phases that cover the entire progress.

Phase I - Preparation of the Production Environment

In Phase I we want our users to have an understanding and concept of virtual production, get to know the hardware and software to be used and all details on how to operate them, as well as creating the graphics and virtual assets.

Introduction to Phase I

Phase II - On the Day of the Show

Coming Soon

Phase III - During Broadcast

Coming Soon

Phase IV - Post-Process

Coming Soon

Please note that at the moment only Phase I is accessible while we are working on the rest of the Phases. Most of the content in the Knowledge Base is located in Phases I and II. As a natural pace of creating virtual productions, preparations are the most important and workload-heavy parts of any project.

Using the Knowledge Base

At the beginning of each category, you will find an Introduction page. These pages give you an overview of the location and content of the given category. With this, you can easily progress along the way of creating your virtual production. You can also find a list of all articles in the category.

There might be a case where you find yourself in the middle of a document which has a lot of information that is already explained in other documents. In these cases, we add links to the document, so you can navigate to the page where the property or feature is explained. We also strongly recommend starting from the beginning of the categories.

Table of Contents

On the left side of the Knowledge Base page, you can navigate in the hierarchy of the Knowledge Base, seeing the categories in a cascading style.

Article content

At the beginning of some articles, you will find a notification with a red border indicating that the article is in beta state. This means that the article contains the correct information, but we are planning to expand it or/and elaborate on parts of it soon.

On the right side of each article page, you can navigate inside the article, finding the paragraph titles in the hierarchy.

Information on New Articles

We also include information on Knowledge Base changes in the Software Version History which is updated at every release.

Reporting Issues and Requesting Articles

Please help us improve the Aximmetry Knowledge Base by sending us issue reports or requests for articles to

Article content

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