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Which Aximmetry edition do I need to use a Professional camera tracking system?

You need the Broadcast Edition.

Can I use HTC Vive for virtual production camera tracking with my Aximmetry SE version ?

Yes, of course.

You can follow the manual: Experimenting_with_HTC_Vive_camera_tracking_using_Unreal_scene.
Simply follow the same steps, but use the plain TrackedCam_xxxxx compound instead of the TrackedCam_Unreal_xxxxx one.
Please also see: Setting_Up_Virtual_Sets_with_Tracked_Cameras

What tracking systems are supported in any Aximmetry edition?

These game-grade tracking systems are supported in any Aximmetry edition:

  • Vive
  • Antilatency

What do you call a Professional Tracking System?

We understand professional tracking systems to be solutions that were developed for the explicit reason of tracking camera motion in a broadcast or film environment and can provide consistently precise camera tracking data for the duration of the whole production for our virtual studio software.

(As opposed to experimental ones which are not yet proven and widely utilized systems in the broadcast and film industries.)