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Tracked Camera Billboards: Reflections

Please note that this is a BETA version of the document. All information presented is correct but we are working on improving the details.

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This document discusses the reflection of the Billboard and its adjustable parameters to customize the reflection.


The Billboard by default has reflection, therefore there is no switch in Aximmetry where it can be turned on or off.
The reflection of the Billboard is only visible on reflective materials.

Example of Reflections on a reflective material:

Example of the lack of Reflections on a non-reflective material:

NOTE: these screenshots were created using the following stock studio scene: [Studio]:News Room\News Room - TrackedCam_3-Cam.xcomp

Adjustable Parameters

The Billboard's reflection has the following adjustable parameters.

Mirror Offset Z

It allows to move the reflection back and forth relative to the camera's perspective.

The reflection's position is always set based on the Billboard's position.

Mirror Feet Blur

When turned on it blurs the reflection close to the Billboard.

Blur Depth

It adjusts how "far" the blur effect reaches into the reflection.

Blur Amount

It adjusts the intensity of the blur effect.

Creating Reflections

You can learn more about Reflections in Aximmetry SE here: Planar Reflections
You can learn more about Reflections in Aximmetry DE here:  

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