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Exporting a 3D model



In this tutorial, we will show you the most important steps to export a model, which you can later use inside Aximmetry.


Most modeling software use modifiers that allow you to change some parameters of the mesh. Different modeling softwares handle these modifiers differently, some apply them when exporting, and some don't. We suggest that you apply them manually just to make sure the model is correctly exported.

Exporting the model

You can use the following file formats with Aximmetry:

  • For Static objects: FBX, Collada(.dae), OBJ
  • For animated objects: Collada(.dae)

We advise exporting only the required object because many 3D modeling software generates objects that Aximmetry will not use.
Always save your scene before exporting, just to make sure, that if anything happens when exporting, you have saved your work.

Here you can see our recommended export settings for some of the commonly used 3D modeling software.
These settings are required to have the same orientation in Aximmetry as you do in your modeling software.
(these settings are for FBX but apart from changing the file format all settings should be the same.)

3dsMax settings:

C4D settings:

Blender settings:

In the next tutorial, we will go through how you can import these models to Aximmetry.

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